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Vince Cutajar
iT Technician, Education Sector

"I enrolled in the 1-year Network Engineer program at triOS College and found that I truly enjoyed and embrace..."

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Dynamic. Stimulating. Cutting-edge. Sound like the type of industry you want to be in? Then iT is it.

While technology is intertwined in nearly every part of our lives, most of us are not overly familiar with Canada's information technology ("iT") sector. The reality is, iT is a thriving industry offering a diversity of exciting career opportunities.

This guide provides an introduction to careers in the iT sector:

  • Get an inside view of the job market and industry trends
  • Read profiles of key occupations
  • Find out the skills and education needed to launch your career
  • And more

Who is this guide for?
Students and job seekers, as well as educators and guidance counsellors, will all benefit from the wealth of iT career information here. Whether you're female or male, a new Canadian, a person with a disability, or considering iT as a first or second career, iT is a welcoming profession for all.

How this guide came together - participating sponsors
The iT Career Guide has been developed through the co-operation of a wide range of sponsors - including iT colleges, major employers and industry organizations (see logos below). Our collective goal: to arm you with good information to launch your career in the iT universe. So check out the choices and learn what it takes to become an iT professional.

How to Use this Guide
A look at how this guide is organized.

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Insights from iT Leaders
What the industry's leaders say about the state of the sector - and why iT workers are needed more than ever.

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The iT Career Guide has been developed through the co-operation of the following sponsors:

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