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Insights from iT Leaders

To give you the inside scoop on what's happening in iT from those in the know, here are some insights and perspectives from leading iT executives and firms:

  • Robert Half Technology (a specialized consulting firm):
    "The IT sector in Canada is expected to see continued growth, spurred by investment in a wide range of industries, with oil and gas, IT development, healthcare and professional services chief among them. Companies large and small are in need of skilled IT professionals who can assist in the expansion of information systems and support in the ever-growing technology teams and infrastructure. Competition across Canada for highly skilled professionals in specialties such as project management, applications and web development, networking, and technical support has led to scenarios in which candidates receive multiple offers." (excerpt from 2008 Salary Guide, Robert Half Technology)
  • Anne Patterson, CPIM, VP Client Delivery, Freeflow:
    "IT qualifications can be a launching pad into a variety of careers, technical, vocational and management/executive.  IT knowledge provides a proficiency in some of the world's most in-demand skills. Additionally, the problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills that can be developed in even an entry-level IT position can be the springboard to exciting careers in technology, commerce and management."
  • Robert Courteau, Chair, Information and Communications Technology Association of Canada:
    "One of the ideas that unites the ICT industry is the fundamental belief that the tools and the services that we develop and produce can significantly improve the competitiveness of Canadian companies; but, also enhance the quality of life in our communities, and by extension our country. We have made increasing the number of students in Canada graduating and pursuing careers in our industry one of our top priorities. Our industry's position as a critical cog in Canada's future is on the line. More importantly, Canada's place in the world's economy will be threatened if we do not change the current state of ICT skills in this country."
  • Meg Frantz, VP Service Deck, CompuCom:
    "Technology pervades our lives. Technology will continue to become more prevalent and more complex. A career in iT is an investment in your future as the world will always have need for those that are proficient in technology. Don't just think break, fix, support. The opportunities are boundless for those with a well rounded education and a command of technology. Lastly I would add that bilingual capabilities make your career in iT infinite."
  • Bill Gates, Microsoft founder:
    "Today, there simply aren't enough people with the right skills... This is a critical problem because technology holds the key to progress, and to addressing many of the world's most pressing problems, including health care, education, global inequality and climate change."


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