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Henry MacAulay
Director of IT

"I wasn’t very active in school and wasn’t sure what I would ever do for a career if anything. I stumbled into..."

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Job Market

What does the iT job market look like? Is the industry growing? These are important questions. This section gives you the big picture so you know what's happening today and what's on the horizon. The fact is, iT is expanding into every facet of society and the economy - which means there's a big demand for iT workers today and over the next decade.

>> Inside the iT Sector
Key facts and figures about iT in Canada, including a snapshot of the iT workforce

>> Hot Tech Jobs
Find out where the demand for skilled workers is greatest, right now and down the road.

>> The Skills Gap
Employees wanted! iT recruiters across the country are struggling to find good, skilled people to fill a growing number of positions.
>> Benefits of Working in iT
What's special about iT? Learn characteristics of the iT profession that make it a great place to work.

>> Tips for Job Hunters
You're ready to find that dream job. Or at least one that pays the bills. Now what?

>> Featured Employers
A closer look at our employer sponsors.

>> Job Board
Links to job postings from leading iT companies.

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