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Reg Cormier
Mentor SME/Product Specialist

"I've worked in the industry for a long time and had decided to work in iT because of the constant challenges ..."

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Benefits of Working in iT

As you consider whether you'd like to make your move into iT, it's helpful to know about some of the profession's unique characteristics. Below we've listed a few of the benefits that iT professionals often cite when explaining why the sector is a great place to work. Also check out our Testimonials section to hear what real iT professionals have to say.

  • Bring leading-edge technology to life: Like being where the action is? Want to play a hands-on role in developing new, innovative tools? Then iT could be your calling. You can play a role in creating high-tech solutions to critical problems faced by business, society or even our planet. Surveys of iT workers indicate that they are satisfied with their jobs because they are consistently challenging, and technology continues to capture their imagination.
  • Be part of a profession that nurtures its new talent: The iT sector is known for nurturing its new hires. With the sector's rapid growth and competitive job market, many employers are serious about giving the next generation opportunities to stand out and work towards their career aspirations.
  • Enjoy flexible schedules: Is work/life balance important to you? The iT sector is often ahead of the pack in providing flexible work arrangements, compared to many traditional, 9-to-5 occupations. Many iT workers enjoy work schedules that reflect their individual preferences or use mobile technology to work from home. iT is home to best-in-class employers who are eager to create progressive environments to retain their best talent.
  • Work in team environments: Some people picture iT workers glued to computers, typing away in isolation. That stereotype is far from the reality for most iT roles. Today, many iT workers spend much of their time working in teams to solve organizational challenges.
  • Take advantage of learning: The constant pace of change in iT means that many employers strongly encourage and support continuous education. There are often opportunities to enhance your technical skills, earn new certifications or even broaden your perspectives through complementary studies such as MBAs or project management programs. Many employers provide benefits such as tuition subsidies or time off to pursue specialized learning. In fact, many iT professionals say the key to their success was taking advantage of the learning programs sponsored by their employers.
  • Acquire transferable skills: Stuck in iT for life? No way - iT skills are transferable. Whether you decide to stay in iT or pursue work in another sector, the fact is technology is everywhere. iT savvy is critical to future jobs, so the skills you learn for a job in iT will prepare you for a multitude of other career opportunities.
  • Earn good money: On top of all the other benefits, there's this added bonus: average wages for iT workers are 45% above the Canadian average.


Salary Range
(Total Package Earnings)

Entry Level $28,000 - $60,000
Career Pro $60,000 - $110,000
Executive $110,000 - $175,000+

Bill Gates' views on high-tech careers:
"These are fun jobs. They're not just jobs where you're stuck in a cubby hole writing code your whole life. They're really about changing the world, learning about users and working with people in a very strong way."
Bill Gates, Microsoft founder
February 2008
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