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Rabbi Rezwan
Graduate, Everest College (Network Administrator Diploma)

"I'm a technical infrastructure engineer and network admin graduate. I would definitely like to encourage peop..."

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Career Paths

Intrigued by a career in iT, but not sure where to focus? You've seen the facts, but what about the work itself and the day-to-day realities? There are many career options - here you'll discover ways iT workers apply their knowledge and the diverse people who work in the field.

>> Explore Types of Careers
Sure, careers exist in technology companies, but most iT jobs are actually in non-iT companies. See some of the major areas of work within the iT sector and the types of roles that may match your interests.

>> Diversity of iT Professionals
Find out how the iT sector is eager to welcome people with diverse backgrounds, skills, interests and perspectives.

>> iT is Everywhere!
Technology touches every business and sector. Where do you want to make your mark? Find out how iT professionals are having an impact on organizations, causes and issues that matter to them.

>> Featured Organizations
A closer look at our featured organization sponsors.

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