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Reg Cormier
Mentor SME/Product Specialist

"I've worked in the industry for a long time and had decided to work in iT because of the constant challenges ..."

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Diversity of People

People in iT come from all walks of life. While we may have our own perceptions about the iT workforce - for example, that it's a male-dominated field or it's geared to youth - behind the scenes, you'll find that iT is home to considerable diversity.

Today, the iT labour force includes:

  • Many successful women, who have achieved their professional goals at all levels of their organizations, or within their areas of specialization 
  • A multicultural workforce that mirrors Canada's population of newcomers, with invaluable training, work history and cultural perspectives from around the globe
  • Persons with disabilities who have discovered that technology careers allow them to contribute their skills and overcome any mobility challenges they face
  • A mix of workers across the age spectrum, ranging from recent graduates to established professionals who enter the field mid-career from a wide range of related or unrelated occupations

A sector ready to welcome greater diversity
What's more, as iT employers set out to recruit the large number of skilled workers required to help the industry grow, they are very ready to welcome diverse job candidates from many educational, professional and personal backgrounds. To compete as prospective employers for this new talent, these organizations are committed to creating accommodating workplaces that make every individual comfortable, with equal opportunities to learn, advance and succeed.

In fact, hiring firms are often eager to answer questions about their work environment during career fairs, recruiting events or interviews. That means you can ask about the experiences of employees with similar backgrounds, and learn about available resources, such as mentoring programs, professional and social associations, or services to accommodate people with special needs.

Check out the Testimonials section to see the diverse faces of iT.

Spotlight Features:

» Women in iT

» Welcoming New Canadians 

» Supporting People with Disabilities

» Age Is Just a Number

» Testimonials

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