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Arul Nathan
Senior Support Analyst, Software Sector

"I got into iT because I knew there was a definite market for jobs. It's a vast industry with so many opportun..."

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Women in iT

First off, let's debunk a myth: women are establishing their turf in the iT sector. While it's true that there has been a longstanding imbalance in the ratio of males to females in the technology workforce, there are signs that things are starting to change.

These days, programs in schools, colleges and universities have been established to encourage young women to explore and pursue interests in computing, science and engineering. Upon graduation, talented women are discovering that employers want to make them feel welcome, involved and rewarded. Today's companies want a diverse workforce - to reflect their customers and communities, as well as to enhance their decision-making to achieve competitive advantage. So they are actively looking for women to fill open iT jobs, both in management and entry-level positions.

More women find career satisfaction in iT
Many iT jobs enable work-life balance, which is a major benefit for women. And, perhaps one of the iT sector's best-kept secrets, the profession is home to many woman who have built satisfying careers in technology. These women offer a wealth of insights into their personal successes. Many women state simply that they always loved computers and thrived by applying their technical skills. Others note that they succeeded because of the distinct skill sets they offered: communications, problem-solving and leadership capabilities that many male counterparts lacked.

Interestingly, one study indicated that about a third of women in the iT sector majored in the arts, social sciences or humanities, and entered the iT field in small increments through on-the-job experiences or encouragement from a mentor. As a result, many women thriving in iT today began their careers in areas ranging from business and chemistry to nursing and mathematics.

Gender Profile of Canada's iT Workforce (2000-2007 average)

Source: Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada

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» Women in iT

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