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Arul Nathan
Senior Support Analyst, Software Sector

"I got into iT because I knew there was a definite market for jobs. It's a vast industry with so many opportun..."

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Welcoming New Canadians

The iT sector is home to many newer Canadians, including members of visible minority groups. In fact, internationally educated professionals account for approximately 14% of iT workers.

iT recruiting managers are keen to extend a warm welcome to new Canadians - many of whom have the right blend of technical smarts, business skills and interest. There are countless stories of new Canadians who have successfully integrated into the Canadian workforce through the open doors of iT. 

Foreign credentials become an advantage
While iT executives predict that business and project management knowledge will become increasingly attractive to companies, as a complement to solid technical skills some observers note that international credentials or foreign work experience may soon emerge as a career advantage.

The reasons: many multinational companies are interested in better integrating their overseas operations from a technology perspective in order to gain efficiencies by building common platforms and processes. As well, with the growth of outsourcing of iT activities to other countries, Canadian organizations could require employees with technical, cultural and language skills from markets such as India and China, who can work well with international vendors, foreign partners or offshore project teams.

This is all good news for newcomers to Canada, who historically have found it challenging to attract employer interest in their foreign work history, education or credentials.

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» Women in iT

» Welcoming New Canadians 

» Supporting People with Disabilities

» Age Is Just a Number

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