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Vince Cutajar
iT Technician, Education Sector

"I enrolled in the 1-year Network Engineer program at triOS College and found that I truly enjoyed and embrace..."

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Age Is Just a Number

While we may picture the iT sector as being heavily populated with young tech workers, the reality is quite different. In fact, the unique combination of fresh faces working alongside seasoned industry veterans is a more accurate industry trademark. There are a breadth of opportunities, whether you're embarking on your first, second or even third career.

Both youthful and seasoned workers find their fit in the workplace
Helping to contribute a youthful feel to the sector, many high schools are offering more sophisticated training to their students. Some are even becoming certification centres - for example, by partnering with companies to deliver specialized academic programs (such as the CISCO Networking Academy and the Microsoft Academy). This gives students a head start on their technology training. Some iT colleges, such as triOS College, offer advanced standing and tuition reductions for relevant iT certifications.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is growing demand in today's technology market for mid- to senior-level experts, who bring soft skills and business savvy to their jobs. Although they're competing against a pool of younger workers, experience in a particular industry or business process can work in an established professional's favour.

Mature professionals who pursue iT training include those who already have exposure to information technology in their business but have no formal education in this area. Or they may be people with no previous iT exposure who have an interest in the field and wish to build upon their professional credentials. For mature professionals who want to complete their schooling in a short timeframe, the best bet may be a private college.

Coming together in the iT workplace, fresh-faced graduates and seasoned workers are collaborating to develop tomorrow's technology innovations.

Sources: Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada

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» Women in iT

» Welcoming New Canadians 

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» Age Is Just a Number

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