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Vince Cutajar
iT Technician, Education Sector

"I enrolled in the 1-year Network Engineer program at triOS College and found that I truly enjoyed and embrace..."

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Daniel Goldstein
Mentor SME Supervisor

"The best thing about my job is that I get to make a difference, every customer has a unique situation and I have the opportunity to take a negative and turn it into a positive."

Christine Mangosing
Graphic Designer, Digital Media Sector

"As a freelancer, I make my own schedule and get to work within so many industries - from fashion and music to film and the non-profit sector. No two projects are ever the same."

Benoit Fournier
Mentor SME Supervisor

"One thing I like from working in the iT field is that I face different challenges every day and have so many resources at my fingertips that anything can be solved.  In addition, I'm able to learn new technologies and even get the proper certification to show what I have learned."
Orion Sloley
Manager, Information Systems

"iT has allowed me to apply my love of technology to help people. The education, certifications and experience I have attained in the iT industry over the past 8 years have given me the skills and ability to view business problems in new ways so that I am able to not only develop, but create solutions that are fast, efficient and cost effective.

The constant change and pace of technology has kept me on my toes and has never failed to spark enthusiasm and amaze me with its possibilities and global reach. This has also shown me how to stay organised and focus my energy to help me succeed in life and attain my goals."
Vince Cutajar
iT Technician, Education Sector

"I enrolled in the 1-year Network Engineer program at triOS College and found that I truly enjoyed and embraced the transition to being a student again. The comprehensive program and compassionate, knowledgeable instructors prepared me well for my new career. 

I had worried that, at my age and with my specialized skills working at an aerospace company for over 20 years no longer in demand, a change of careers would be a daunting task. With so much of today's society automated by technology, a career in the ever-changing, ever-evolving computer industry seemed not only interesting and challenging, but rewarding from a constant-learning standpoint. 

I obtained employment immediately after graduating from this program and was able to make a positive contribution from the first day. Was I scared to make the career change? Absolutely!  Was I glad I made it? Whole-heartedly, yes. The education I received at triOS has definitely changed my life for the better. I have new skills, a new career and a lifetime of learning in my future."

Darlene Thompson
Director of Services

"After going to university for four years and obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree, I was still unable to secure a rewarding career. I then decided to go into iT, which was the best thing I could have done. Since entering the world of iT, I have maintained a secure career in a field that I love. I am also a Project Management Professional, and having the knowledge in iT has helped me tremendously while managing iT related projects. I can go anywhere and do anything with my iT credentials. My future is secure."
Arul Nathan
Senior Support Analyst, Software Sector

"I got into iT because I knew there was a definite market for jobs. It's a vast industry with so many opportunities. I knew I would never be out of a job. I work from home and have the ability to work from anywhere, as long as I have a computer and a connection. It's ever-changing and challenging - I'm never bored."
Jamie Fisher
Graduate, Everest College (Network Administrator Diploma)

"I had an opportunity where I could get in and get out within a year and within a month I had a new job, which was amazing because it was actually only eight minutes from my house. The teachers here are great, everybody was great. If you have your certifications, you know what you're talking about and you know what you're doing. At this school you were never on your own. I've already finished school for five months now and my teacher is still helping me. He just gave me more information and said 'if you need anything let me know'."

Rabbi Rezwan
Graduate, Everest College (Network Administrator Diploma)

"I'm a technical infrastructure engineer and network admin graduate. I would definitely like to encourage people out there, just to go for it.

The class was a lot smaller than I expected. The instructor actually comes and sits with you, which is very cool, you don't get to see that in an university. He actually told us more than what was needed because he's been there out there...he knows what actually turns the industry. He was able to guide me really well. They have a course structured to the real world. They help you find a job, get you an interview...you're bound to get that job, because they know the college. So that really helps."

Graduated with a Network Administrator Diploma from Everest College

James Postma
"At Everest I was able to call upon the instructor, or the instructor's assistant, and I was able to get my questions answered as soon as possible. The classroom sizes were smaller. You can get a lot of personalized attention for whatever program that you happen to be in, whether it's network admin or network security. 

The school definitely had a very good hands-on approach to learning, everything from taking a computer apart to putting it back together and doing the configuration, which is a very big part of the iT industry. I feel like I've been personally affected by my experience at the school because I have so many more skills and more knowledge, and I know that I'm going to be continuously employed for the rest of my working days."

Henry MacAulay
Director of IT

"I wasn’t very active in school and wasn’t sure what I would ever do for a career if anything. I stumbled into iT by chance about 15 years ago and ended up learning about A+ certification and how it could help me in a career. I decided to take the training and after the A+ I went on to write Microsoft Certification exams. With every exam I received more recognition and knowledge. My career has taken me from small town Miramichi, New Brunswick, to Florida, Aruba and India, and I have been asked to go to many other countries, including Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Germany. iT has not only provided my family and I with a good living, it has also opened my eyes to other cultures and opportunities."
Reg Cormier
Mentor SME/Product Specialist

"I've worked in the industry for a long time and had decided to work in iT because of the constant challenges it brings me. It's ever changing and always having to learn and adapt to new technologies keeps me on my toes... I'm never bored. Now with the knowledge I've gained from studying for these certifications and holding the certifications that are recognized globally, I now know my doors of opportunity are always open, which make my career options limitless."
Keith Stiles
Network Administrator

"A career in iT has opened so many doors for me. I got into it strictly for the income potential, but have since discovered it's also a dynamic engaging career where you can basically write your own ticket."

John Peterson
Mentor SME Supervisor

"iT certifications have opened many new careers for me.  Earning my certifications has helped me develop such a broad range of skills and allowed me to fill jobs ranging from a network administrator to a web application developer."

Lisa Pitre

"I started my career with a teaching degree and had been a teacher at a private college for about five years when my supervisor approached me and asked me if I'd like to learn more about technology. She had noticed how interested I was in that area and wanted me to learn it so that I could teach it later on. After taking a few courses, and doing lots of self-paced learning, I was ready to teach in the iT field. I've learned to love the many challenges and I even enjoy the need to study often to keep up my certifications and my knowledge of new technologies. With this position of online mentor, I feel that I've combined my two passions, teaching and technology – in addition, working from home and having the ability to work from anywhere, as long as I have a computer and a connection has made it even more rewarding. It's ever-changing and challenging – I'm never bored."
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