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Jamie Fisher
Graduate, Everest College (Network Administrator Diploma)

"I had an opportunity where I could get in and get out within a year and within a month I had a new job, ..."

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iT is Everywhere!

From wireless communications, web development and business intelligence systems to new green technologies, iT careers offer the flexibility to work in a variety of different industries. Although many people imagine that most iT jobs exist within large computing companies, this is actually not the case - it's estimated that more than 90% of all iT workers have positions at non-iT companies!

Opportunities in organizations large and small - across all sectors
Information technology is in almost every line of work, as well as being a distinct industry on its own. Today, five key industrial sectors account for 80% of Canadian iT jobs - according to the Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada:

  • Professional, scientific and technical services
  • Manufacturing
  • Information and cultural industries
  • Public administration
  • Financial services

Professional, scientific and technical services offer the most opportunities, with 43% of iT jobs in Canada. Canadian multinational technology companies are important employers and they regularly recruit thousands of employees in areas such as software development, research, integration, outsourcing services, consulting and technical support.

Beyond the ordinary: a variety of iT career directions
iT professionals often say that their career choice has allowed them to have an impact in fields in which they have a strong personal interest, from business and marketing to sports and entertainment. That's because, with highly transferable technology skills, iT professionals can seek employers whose work reflects their own diverse talents or issues that capture their imagination - whether that's medical research, environmental investigation, computer gaming, astronomy or a host of other possibilities.

Breaking stereotypes about where the iT jobs are, here are some unique niches: 

  • Biotechnology: Technology plays a big role in the biotech sector, and the field hires many engineering and computer students.
  • Security technology: Companies are increasingly serious about protecting their customers, data and reputations from security threats via the Internet, electronic fraud and privacy breaches, and iT professionals are an important part of the solution
  • Business software: Technology companies need software designers and iT professionals to develop new leading-edge applications
  • Call centres: iT companies depend on iT specialists to provide technical, sales, marketing and communications support to clients through their call centre operations
  • iT educators: High schools, post-secondary institutions and private training providers face a shortage of technology instructors to provide iT education to the next generation
  • Outsourcing/consulting opportunities: Outsourcing of iT services and support will continue, through numerous application service providers and customer support centres. Project-based contracts and consulting opportunities offer iT professionals a way to discover different organizations and jobs, and gain access to future full-time employment.
Quick Fact
It's estimated that more than 90% of all iT workers have positions at non-iT companies
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