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Rabbi Rezwan
Graduate, Everest College (Network Administrator Diploma)

"I'm a technical infrastructure engineer and network admin graduate. I would definitely like to encourage peop..."

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Is iT for You

When thinking about your future career options - either as a recent grad starting out or as a seasoned worker considering a change in occupation - it's important to know your interests and motivations. Also key is an assessment of your skills to see if you're really suited for a career in iT.

» Have What iT Takes?
Sure, being tech-savvy helps, but there are many factors to consider. Try our self-assessment quiz.

» Top Skills Employers Want
The iT industry needs employees with the right mix of technical, business and interpersonal skills.

» iT Myths and Realities
Think iT is for guys and geeks? Think again. Get the real scoop as we debunk common misperceptions about iT.

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