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Christine Mangosing
Graphic Designer, Digital Media Sector

"As a freelancer, I make my own schedule and get to work within so many industries - from fashion and m..."

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iT Myths & Realities

Many misperceptions and outdated notions exist about what the iT industry is all about and what iT professionals do. Here, we set the record straight!

Myth: You have to have a technical background to get a job in iT.
Reality: Many people in iT today have degrees in arts, accounting, marketing or other non-technology fields. They often started their careers in positions related to these subjects before moving into iT. 

Myth: iT jobs aren't "sexy."
Reality: Not true! Many iT jobs are engaging, challenging, creative and fun - and among the highest paying. Most people are unaware of the breadth of iT roles and opportunities that exist - from human resource technology, web management and video game animation to computer engineering.

Myth: iT jobs are for guys.
Reality: Yes, the majority of iT workers are still men - but that doesn’t mean there aren't tremendous opportunities for women in iT too. The iT industry welcomes, encourages and needs women.

Myth: iT jobs are for geeks.
Reality: Maybe 25 years ago, but that’s so yesterday. The jobs that originally helped earn the iT industry that image - picture someone toiling away at programming code and never talking to anyone - are few and far between today. The modern iT professional is very different. Many iT jobs of the 21st century are diverse, fast-paced and people-oriented.

Myth: You have to be good at math to work in iT.
Reality: If you think getting straight A's in math is an essential prerequisite for a career in iT, think again. With such a diversity of roles in the field, even the math-averse can find a place in iT.
Myth: iT workers are loners.
Reality: While some people picture iT workers glued to computers, typing away endlessly in isolation, for many iT roles that stereotype is far from reality. In fact, many iT workers spend much of their time working in team environments, applying their communication and problem-solving skills in cross-functional groups to solve organizational challenges.

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