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John Peterson
Mentor SME Supervisor

"iT certifications have opened many new careers for me.  Earning my certifications has helped me develop ..."

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Learn iT

Education and ongoing learning are essential ingredients to any successful career in the information age - and that's especially true for iT professionals. In this section, we delve into the realm of iT education, including the many choices open to you, financing options and factors to consider.  

» Learning Options
The choices are plentiful, but where should you study iT? We offer some tips.

» Certification
A look at certification, why it may be vital for your career and the types of certification available.

» Financing
Don't have money to finance your schooling? Not many of us do! There are a lot of options for getting the funds to pay for part or even all of the costs of your education.

» What Should I Look For?
Key criteria to help you assess schools.

» Featured Schools
Programs and services offered by our school sponsors.

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