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Orion Sloley
Manager, Information Systems

"iT has allowed me to apply my love of technology to help people. The education, certifications and experien..."

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Teacher's Lounge

If you're an educator or guidance counsellor and want to enlighten your students about careers in iT careers, we want to help.

Most people, including students, are generally unaware that iT is an exciting, fun industry offering a diversity of career opportunities for people from all walks of life. The industry continues to grow and thousands of new iT workers will be needed over the next decade. Today's students should be armed with these facts so they can make smart career decisions and build successful and satisfying futures.

>> iT Career Guide package
Complementing the information on this website, we offer educators and guidance counsellors a package of materials that can be used to help get students excited about the world of iT. You can promote or hand out the material to students - or use to engage them in conversations about iT opportunities.

  • iT Career Guide 2009-2010 (6-page brochure)
  • iT Career Guide 2009-2010 (48-page booklet) - coming soon!
  • Poster (11"x17") - to place in classrooms, libraries, guidance counselor offices, etc.

To view, simply click on the item. To order print copies, email us at educator@itcareerguide.com.

>>Speakers Bureau
Would you like a real iT professional to come to your school and talk about iT careers with your students? That can be arranged as part of our industry's Speakers Bureau program. An iT expert can deliver a 60-90 minute presentation, answer student questions and offer practical, real-life tips to students. For details and to request a speaker, email speakersbureau@itcareerguide.com.

>>Get iT in your curriculum
Did you know that you can get iT integrated in your curriculum? Leading iT companies provide programs and partnerships that allows schools to bring state-of-the-art iT learning into the classroom.

For example, the Microsoft Learning program offers a comprehensive technology curriculum and software tools so students can experience real-world challenges in the classroom environment. Similarly, the Cisco Networking Academy provides online courses, interactive tools and lab activities to prepare individuals for iT and networking careers in virtually every type of industry.

Toolkit for Teachers

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(PDF, 6 pages)

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(PDF, 1 page)

Speakers Bureau

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